Muscle Mass Important For Runners? - 2014-09-17

I've been in the running field since for 25 years. This is one sport that has been a contributing factor in my life. I’ve experience a lot of set back and achievements. The most disturbing thing are injuries and not achieving my goals after training hard.  But what has been the worrying factor since I started coaching is the mistake ... more

20 min Express Workout - 2014-09-11

Hi Friends I know I’ve not been keeping contact with you. But all is back to normal. The Magnificent One in on top of things now. Ill be sharing my workout and what we do at ART OF RUNNING. Follow and share my blog to get exciting workouts. To follow is my short story. Magnificent One: I like to get through my workouts in 30 minutes (45 mi... more

Boost your Self-Esteem by Running - 2014-03-03

  Running is a great self-esteem booster, especially if you are a beginning runner. Running will allow you to test and expand your limits like never before. With each kilometer you reach you will find yourself more confident and able to take on the world.   Starting out slow reaps big rewards Even if you can&rs... more

10 Reasons to Eat Raw Foods - 2014-02-24

    Prehistoric man learned thousands of years ago that it was a good idea  to eat meat that was cooked, rather than raw. Since then, the human race has gone crazy, applying that same cooking idea to all foods.  You can have too much of a good thing! Except for a salad, most people eat very little r... more

Better Your Memory by Eating Right - 2014-02-16

Leading a healthy lifestyle can cause so many benefits and that include helping you better your memory. This is a very important aspect because if you will not take certain steps in order to nurture it, you may end up with the disorders that are associated with this function of your brain. Your memory is your brain's ability to encode informati... more

10 Most Common Workout Mistakes! - 2014-02-12

Although regular exercise is good for body and soul, diving head first into an advanced exercise program is not encouraged. It can even be dangerous if you dont avoid some common mistakes. If you're a beginner, your body isnt prepared for the types of strains exercise can place on it. As a result, engaging in an exercise program with little for... more

A Quick and Easy Flexibility Program For Runners - 2010-07-06

  A Quick and Easy Flexibility Program For Runners By Tshepo Khoza      Top athletes in the world that wins races and keep improving their time these days have proven athletic ability, great flexibility great core and strength. It is essential for an effective running fitness program to contain both strength and flex... more

A Bucket of Crabs - 2010-05-10

  Have you ever seen a bucket full of crabs? They pinch and pull as they struggle to climb over one another to reach the top of the bucket – to freedom. Ask any fisherman and they'll tell you that a bucket full of crabs doesn't need a lid – they simply won't escape. Why? Well, it's not impossible for a crab to climb to the top, and re... more