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Running Program 


This program includes the Run/Strength/Core class & the Speed/Hill/Interval class & a long run month. These classes can be taken individually or as part of the program.


Run/Strength Train/Core Training Session

This class is a combination of running & strength training specifically designed to strengthen the endurance athlete. You run in between strength training exercises. The strength training exercises target the entire body with special attention given to your core.


Speed/Hill/Interval/ Training

This class is designed for people that want to get stronger and improve their time for any race distance. This class will include tempo runs, fartleks & other speed techniques. You run short to long fast interval runs followed by recovery runs or walks. Hill Training is imperative for any runner that plans to run an endurance event or wants to work on time goals for any race. It increases strength in your lower body which increases your muscle endurance and speed. We teach you the RIGHT technique for running hills and we include speed drills as well. Beginners to advanced runner's are welcome. Participants are required to have a sports watch so that they can record their splits and track their progress.


Virtual online Training


We offer virtual training to individuals that cannot make it to individual or group sessions but want to train for an event or just get healthy & fit.

You will get a monthly schedule outlining your workouts for the month as well as info on injury prevention and sports nutrition. Your program is tailored to you based on your fitness level, health, and schedule. You get unlimited e-mail feedback, a weekly phone meeting to review progress, a strength training program & information to promote safe & healthy running, walking, aerobic exercise and strength training.