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 Recovery and Regeneration

Adequate recovery after intense training is critical for ensuring the body can rebuild itself stronger for the next bout of exercise. Like a classical musical composition, the rests between the notes are just as important as the notes themselves. While time and rest alone is required, there are also other activities that can be performed to ensure that recovery and regeneration is accelerated and complete.  

We are equipped with the latest techniques to monitor and enhance recovery and regeneration. Key techniques that we employ with our clients include:

  Soft-tissue therapies and massage for increasing blood circulation, reducing muscle tightness and enhancing parasympathetic tone.


  Active recovery methods for increasing circulation and managing muscle tone in a manner that encourages the body to recover on its own.    


Rehab and Injury Prevention


Unfortunately, injuries are sometimes a part of an athlete?s training life. Injuries can occur because of overtraining and overuse, poor technique, inappropriate or non-existent warm-up, and simply by accident. Steps can be taken to not only rehabilitate injuries quickly and effectively, but also ensure that the risk of injury is minimized.

 Art Of Running have a proven record of rehabilitating and resolving all injuries in an effective and expeditious manner. During the rehabilitation process, we are also careful to ensure that your overall conditioning and strength are maintained through creative exercise prescription. Our exercise progressions through the rehabilitation process can be characterized as the optimal combination of cautious yet aggressive. While conventional physical therapists are commonly telling athletes to avoid specific exercises and load bearing, we are constantly modifying exercises to allow the athlete to continue training without adversely affecting their recovery progression.

On the injury prevention side, we are always searching for the root cause of injuries. Some athletes have mechanical deficiencies that lead to injury, while others are simply overtraining. In many cases, athletes have a combination of poor technique and inappropriate training volumes. An overall evaluation of a runners technical proficiency and the details of their training program will ultimately provide the answers required to stay healthy. Additionally, some runners will require regular maintenance in the form of massage, stretching and other therapeutic interventions to stay at peak performance with less incidence of injury.