20 min Express Workout

Hi Friends I know I’ve not been keeping contact with you. But all is back to normal. The Magnificent One in on top of things now. Ill be sharing my workout and what we do at ART OF RUNNING. Follow and share my blog to get exciting workouts. To follow is my short story.

Magnificent One: I like to get through my workouts in 30 minutes (45 minutes max). I also like to get my heart rate up during the workout and challenge my intensity levels. Here is a great workout I just completed yesterday and the reason why I choose this workout…

After I had flu for a week build my immune system naturally (which I m proud to say 

Thank you Kuding Tea)

It took me around 5 day to feel the relief of flu. Had to take extra precaution to make share my heart rate returns to normal before I can resume my workout. Leading by example I use one of my quick express program 

Duration 20 min - 5 min Dynamic exercises and15 min circuit. Tell you this baby does the trick.

I tried Body weight squats (2 sets of 50) and push ups with my hands on a chair and finished with light tubing rows. This helped me loosen up and get my heart rate up. It was more of a feel good workout but gave me confidence I was “OK”.

Today I felt good and wanted to really go at it, but only use Body weight and some Kettlebell work.  Here is what I did.

I first complete a warm up of foam rolling and dynamics exercises.

Here was my workout:

1. Push ups- for Push Ups had my feet on a 6 inch box to train more core.
2. TRX pull ups
3. Kettelbell split squat- I used one kettelbell held at front squat position and over the front leg
4. Reverse Crunches- lying on my back lifting my legs to 90degrees and lifting my let up   and my back slightly leaving the mat.

I performed these four exercises in circuit format. I only allowed 15 seconds between exercises and then 60 seconds between circuits. Trying to keep great form

1. Push ups- 3 sets of 20 reps.

2. TRX- 3 sets of 20, 20, and 17 on the last set.
3. Kettlebell split squat- 3 sets of 12 on each leg- my back fatigued around 12 reps.
4. Reverse Crunches- 3 sets of 15 reps

I kept my tempo around 2 eccentric to 1 concentric. On occasion I would go This workout really gave me a good cardio workout and strength endurance. The best part is that I felt great. I look forward to picking up the intensity in the next week.

So Stay tune ill be sharing my weekly workouts.

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