Muscle Mass Important For Runners?

I've been in the running field since for 25 years. This is one sport that has been a contributing factor in my life. I’ve experience a lot of set back and achievements. The most disturbing thing are injuries and not achieving my goals after training hard.  But what has been the worrying factor since I started coaching is the mistake made buy runners.  They make the same mistake year after year not changing anything and still complain about the same things.

We are blessed to be in the century we are living in. This is information age. Science of training in sport have evolved so much yet a lot of runners still train like its the 60s.(Old school outdated methods-pounding the road and countless kilometers on the legs)

Majority of the runners believes in order for one to improve in running you will need to spend hours and hours pounding the street, and you need to weigh your lightest. This leads to these types of runners to experience the same setbacks.

To enjoy your running or achieve the goals you set one need a sound program, with the right balance of quality session, endurance and weight or resistance training.

On the top of my list is the right base one will build by doing Weight training or resistance training. This help to increase your muscle mass. Which help to support you joints, cartilage and bones.


Increase muscle mass can benefit runners in 3 ways...

Higher peak output - in running shorter high intensity burst are needed to power over the hills. Successful execution breaks away and win sprint. For recreational runners helps improve running economy and break their Personal Record (PR). If you have a high peak power you will be successful in these situations.

Lower relative muscular effort – every continual sport movement eg (Spinning the crank on the bike on a constant speed) requires a given amount of force from yours muscle. By increasing the muscle strength this same force becomes a lower percentage of maximal effort. This prolongs your endurance and running economy. This effect is the largest in individual who are the weakest.

Reduce running injury risk – Strong muscles are more capable of withstanding –producing force that inevitable in running. It is a proven fact that increases muscle mass reduce the risk of injury.

So wouldn't it be wise to start adding weight or resistance training in your training plan. Stay tune on the ART OF RUNNING BLOG. I will be giving free exercise tips and teaching the correct technique to execute them.